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At our company, we understand that maintaining your landscape lighting system is essential to preserve its functionality and appearance over time. Exposure to outdoor elements such as dust, dirt, and salt can degrade the system's components. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent issues like obscured lenses from built-up grime or damage from routine landscaping activities.

During each maintenance visit, our skilled technicians perform a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your investment continues to shine brightly and function impeccably. Here’s what we include in our maintenance checks:

  • Inspection and Adjustment of Timers and Controls: Our technicians meticulously inspect the timers and control systems of your landscape lighting to ensure they are functioning correctly. This includes checking for proper program settings that align with your lighting preferences and seasonal changes. Adjustments are made as needed to optimize energy efficiency and operational effectiveness, ensuring your lighting system works seamlessly according to your schedule.

  • Diagnostic Readings on Transformers: Transformers are crucial for regulating the voltage supplied to your landscape lighting. During maintenance visits, we conduct detailed readings to assess the health of the transformers. This helps us identify any potential issues such as voltage fluctuations or wear that could impact performance. Prompt identification and resolution of these issues help prevent larger, costly repairs and extend the life of your lighting system.

  • Thorough Cleaning of All Fixtures and Lenses: Over time, outdoor lighting fixtures can accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, which can significantly diminish light output. Our team thoroughly cleans each fixture and lens, restoring their clarity and brightness. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your landscape but also improves safety and functionality by ensuring adequate illumination.

  • Examination and Realignment of Wiring and Fixtures: Our maintenance includes a careful examination of the wiring and fixtures, particularly those attached to trees or other dynamic structures. We adjust and secure wiring and fixtures to accommodate growth and natural movements of trees, preventing strain or damage. This proactive approach helps maintain the structural integrity of your lighting installation and ensures consistent performance.

  • Replacement of Faulty Parts with Warranty Provision: Should any component of your lighting system malfunction, our team is equipped to replace it promptly. We use only high-quality, durable parts to ensure longevity and performance. Additionally, replacements come with a warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of quality service. This policy not only maintains the functionality of your system but also protects your investment over time.

To cater to different needs and ensure continual care, we offer several maintenance plan options:

  • Biannual maintenance: Visit every 6 months.

  • Triannual maintenance: Visit every 4 months.

  • Quarterly maintenance: Visit every 3 months.

Choosing our maintenance services means securing a partner committed to extending the lifespan and aesthetics of your landscape lighting system, ensuring it remains a valuable and functional feature of your property.

New Braunfels, TX


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